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Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice Online

The TAMIU online Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice gives you a broad-based business education with criminal justice expertise.

Program Overview

This is why our online MBA in Criminal Justice stands out

Expand your business knowledge and open your career to rewarding opportunities with a TAMIU online Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice degree. This unique 100% online MBA program blends a broad-based understanding of business operations to help qualify you for private and public sector management roles, as well as criminal justice-relevant expertise in legal issues, white-collar crime and cybercrime.


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Credit Hours

Credit Hours

This AACSB-accredited online criminal justice MBA degree can give you critical training and education if you would like to enter or advance in the criminal justice field. You will gain valuable management acumen such as organizational behavior, finance, and decision-making. Our comprehensive curriculum includes courses on policy, criminal justice leadership, and more.

If you don't hold an undergraduate degree in business or your business background is limited, you can learn the basics in this criminal justice MBA online program, with our helpful prep-module courses. Each prep-module is a 2-credit hour course covering foundational concepts in finance, economics, accounting, information systems, management and marketing.

Benefit from flexible admission requirements, including a GMAT/GRE waiver for those who qualify, and six start dates per year. Our 7-week courses are delivered in an online format ideal for working professionals, so you can balance personal and professional obligations while earning your degree. You can complete your degree in as few as 21 months.

In the MBA - Criminal Justice online program, you will learn to:

  • Analyze various domestic and international laws pertaining to cybercrime
  • Distinguish and explain cybercrime offending and victimization
  • Describe and recognize key elements of criminological theories and provide examples of how theory development has impacted criminal justice practices
  • Describe what policy is and how it is made
  • Explain what evidence-based policy is and describe the reasons why it is beneficial

As a graduate of this online MBA program, you will be well-prepared for administrative roles across a variety of departments and positions at local, state and federal levels in roles such as:

  • Financial Examiner
  • Private Investigator
  • Correctional Facility Administrator
  • Customs Agent
  • Homeland Security Agent

Programs in the A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business are accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).



Find out how and when to pay your tuition

Tuition for the TAMIU online Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice program is affordable, and can be paid by the course. All fees are included.

In-State Tuition:

The following tuition applies only to Texas residents.

*Tuition Subject to Change

Program Tuition $11,010

In-State Tuition Per Credit hour: $367


Out-of-State Tuition:

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Program Tuition
Out of State Tuition Per Credit hour


These are the upcoming dates and deadlines for our online MBA in Criminal Justice

The TAMIU online Criminal Justice Master of Business Administration program is delivered in an online format ideal for working professionals, conveniently featuring six start dates each year. Choose the start date that is best for you.

Session Program Start Date Application Deadline Document Deadline Registration Deadline Payment Deadline
Spring I 2023 01/17/2023 01/03/2023 01/09/2023 01/11/2023 01/13/2023
Spring II 2023 03/20/2023 03/06/2023 03/13/2023 03/15/2023 03/20/2023
Summer I 2023 05/15/2023 05/01/2023 05/08/2023 05/10/2023 05/12/2023
Summer II 2023 07/10/2023 06/26/2023 07/03/2023 07/05/2023 07/07/2023
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Are you ready to apply? Check our admission requirements first.

You must meet the following requirements for admission into the Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice online program.

MBA online admission requirements

Automatic Admission – Applicants who have all of the following will be automatically admitted by the Graduate School*:

  • Official transcripts documenting an earned undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited business school
  • Upper-level GPA of 3.25 or higher or, in the case of international applicants, a 3.25 or higher on the last 60 hours of completed work
  • Resume documenting the applicant's background, including work experience, along with three references and contact information for these references
  • Acceptable TOEFL/IELTS score report for international applicants or domestic applicants whose university/college studies were done outside the United States. TOEFL minimum score is 79, and IELTS minimum score is 6.5. Scores must be no more than two years old.

*Applicants who meet all the above criteria, except having a degree from an accredited business school—i.e., non-business background—can be automatically admitted with the provision that the ARSSB will review to determine the proper sequence of required prep modules needed for the student to take.

Applicants requiring further review – Applicants who do not satisfy the criteria required for Automatic Admission must also submit the following:

  • The submission of a score on the GRE or the GMAT, or the PAEP (for applicants from Mexico). Score must be from the last five years
  • Personal statement with 300 words or more describing career and personal goals
  • Two reference letters

International Transcript Evaluation:
TAMIU does their own foreign credential evaluations. Graduate School does not require third party evaluations nor are obligated to accept the results, or GPA calculations, if an evaluation is submitted. If an applicant submits an official evaluation, the evaluation does not replace official transcripts or certificates of graduation.

Note: The upper-level GPA is a calculated grade-point average of all upper level courses. Upper level is defined as all junior and senior level courses. Institutions use course numbers to make these designations. For example, TAMIU uses 3000 courses for junior level courses and 4000 courses for senior level courses.

Official transcripts from all institutions attended can be sent to:

Texas A&M International University
Graduate School
Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center, Suite 223
5201 University Boulevard
Laredo, TX 78041
Electronically to [email protected]

**Former TAMIU students DO NOT have to request TAMIU transcripts.

For documents other than transcripts, please upload to your application portal located here. If transcripts are uploaded to the portal, you will be asked to resend all official transcripts by mail or email and will delay the application process.

Have a question? Call us at 844-872-8712.



Advance your knowledge in these online MBA in Criminal Justice courses

Curriculum for the MBA in Criminal Justice online program is comprised of 10 courses (30 credit hours), including 21 credit hours of core courses and nine credit hours of Criminal Justice electives.

Expand All [+]

A student who does not possess an undergraduate degree in Business Administration (BBA) from an accredited university will be required to take prep-module courses that will help prepare you for your MBA journey. Program advisors will determine what prep-module courses are required. The three prep-modules will cover; concepts in Finance and Economics; concepts in Accounting and Criminal Justice Information Systems; and concepts in Criminal Justice and Marketing. Each course is worth 2 credit hours and graded on a pass/fail basis. 2 SCH will be billed at $732.70.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: N/A

This course provides the foundation in finance and economics necessary for admission to the MBA program. Grading for the course is on a P/F basis.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: N/A

This course provides the foundation in accounting and information systems necessary for admission to the MBA program. Grading for the course is on a P/F basis.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: N/A

This course provides the foundation in management and marketing necessary for admission to the MBA program. Grading for the course is on P/F basis.

You must take the following courses.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

The purpose of this course is to strengthen the student's ability to analyze a problem, locate resources, conduct an investigation and prepare a final written report. Written and oral presentations are integral components of this course. Class should be taken within the first 12 hours of MBA course work.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

This is a study of the strategic management process dealing with the analysis of a firm in its global environment and the formulation, implementation, control and evaluation of strategies. Written and oral presentations are integral components of this course. Course should be taken 9 hours prior to graduation.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

This is an intensive study of financial statement analysis. Topics covered include study of the basic accounting concepts and principles related to financial statement analysis; liquidity, solvency and profitability analyses; sources of financial analysis information; and personal financial statements.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course shows the student how to apply economic analysis to complex business decisions. Topics covered include the application of consumer and competitive firm theories, market organizations and structures, strategic pricing policies in regulated and unregulated domestic and international markets, and production possibilities and planning.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course focuses on the analysis, evaluation and application of contemporary theories of finance. Material covered includes the financial environment, valuation concepts, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policy, working capital management, issues in international finance, mergers and acquisitions, and long-term financing.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

This is a seminar in current foundation management concepts. This course includes theoretical and applied perspectives of management. Other topics will include areas such as organizational behavior, organizational theory, leadership, ethics, human resource management and other relevant management topics.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course includes an analytical approach to the marketing management of a firm, emphasizing the development of competitive marketing strategies in a dynamic environment and implementation of marketing activities through methods, policies and organizational structures.

You must take the following courses.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students in this course will survey various topics within criminal justice. Special attention will be given to theories of crime, research methodology, policy, and legal issues.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

White-collar crime provides an overview of the conceptual origins of this unique crime-type. From its introduction as a term given in a speech to the American Sociological Association in 1940 as trust violations to the expanded emphases on corporate, financial, and even political crime, this class examines the evolution and utility of the term white-collar crime. Additionally, this course examines the etiology of white-collar crime and the breadth of research in this specialized area of criminology.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students will analyze various forms of cybercrime and discern how various theories of crime relate to the various modalities of cybercrime and victimization.


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