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Dr. Rhonda Tubbe | Adjunct Professor

Dr. Rhonda Tubbe

Adjunct Professor

"Observe assignments, work ahead, establish and accomplish goals."

Degrees Held:

  • DHA – University of Phoenix, 2010
  • MSN – University of Phoenix, 2007
  • BSN – University of Jacksonville, 2006
  • CASC – Board of Ambulatory Surgery Certification, 2002

Career Highlights:

Dissertation: Tubbe, R. L. (2010) A Phenomenological study to determine the extent and consequences of groupthink among the management team of an acute care organization. Dissertation Publication, UMI Dissertation Services.

In which online degree programs do you teach?

RN to BSN, MSN – Nursing Administration

Which classes do you teach online?

NURS 3312: Global Nursing; NURN 4411: Community Nursing; NURN 2321: Pathophysiology; NURN 3311: Cultural Determinants; NURN 3312: Global Health; NURN 3320: History of Nursing; and others

What do you want students in your courses to learn? What are the learning outcomes or objectives?

Each class has a specific list of objectives and outcomes.

What types of projects and work do you typically assign for these courses?

SoftChalk lessons/videos/Quizpoppers, exams, PowerPoints, papers and discussions

What advice would you give to those considering this online program?

Observe assignments, work ahead, establish and accomplish goals.

What is the value of this degree?

Concentrated foundation for healthcare.

How can this degree help students prepare for nursing challenges?

It provides tools for challenging situations, excellent writing skills (APA), nursing networks and education through research.

Why did you start teaching?

The love of nursing.

What is the one book you think everyone should read?

The Holy Bible.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that your students may not know.

I play the piano and also have been a healthcare administrator for 19 years.

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