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Francesca Losito - TAMIU Faculty

Dr. Francesca Losito

Nurse Executive, Acute Care Nursing

Look for preceptors in advance, and chose early on what is of interest and/or inspires you as it relates related your practicum(s)/capstone.

Degrees Held:

  • DNP – Loyola University, New Orleans, 2013
  • MSN – Loyola University, New Orleans, 2010
  • MPA – New York University
  • B.S. – St. Peter's University
  • ADN – Corning Community College

Career Highlights:

My career began as a bedside nurse in critical care (ER/ICU). Then, after five years, I changed my trajectory to Nursing Administration and became an evening nursing supervisor for the next four years. From there, I ventured into the world as a travel nurse for three years.

I settled back in NYC to return to school and held many different positions in home care (both private and certified settings), staffing, emergency medicine, manage care, and occupational medicine, as well as keeping my clinical skills as a per diem.

After New York, I moved to Orlando, Florida and held senior nursing leadership positions in emergency medicine, med-surg, oncology, orthopedics, and magnet. For the last three years, I’ve been working as a Healthcare Consultant and a Nurse Executive across the country in large hospital-system medical centers.

In which online degree program do you teach?

MSN – Nursing Administration

  • Which classes do you teach online?

    Transformational Leadership

  • What do you want students in your courses to learn? What are the learning outcomes or objectives?

    They should determine their role as a transformational leader and learn a behavioral approach that motivates and inspires followers to achieve performance beyond expectations.

  • What types of projects and work do you typically assign for these courses?

    Group presentations, as they best emulate an organizational environment.

  • What advice would you give to those considering this online program?

    Its design is meant for the working, adult-learner who can use the flexibility online education offers without having to go to a traditional college where their classmates may not have the “frame of reference” working adults have.

    Look for preceptors in advance, and chose early on what is of interest and/or inspires you as it relates related your practicum(s)/capstone.

  • What is the value of this degree?

    It leads to a variety of career choices, i.e., nursing management, manager of programs, healthcare administrator, patient safety officer, chief nursing executive, etc.

  • How can this degree help students prepare for the challenges of nursing administration?

    It's important for nurses to have a voice that is respected by all disciplines and communities. With healthcare continuously changing, it’s foreseeable in the future that nurses will be the primary care provider under their own license, and not an MD, as physician enrollment has declined over concerns of reimbursement, regulations and fear of lawsuits.

  • Why did you start teaching?

    I wanted to share knowledge through experience, motivation and inspiration for our chosen profession.

  • What is the one book you think everyone should read?

    "Transforming Nursing through Knowledge: Best Practice for Guideline Development, Implementation Science, and Evaluation" by Doris Grinspun and Irmajean Bajnok.

  • Tell us something interesting about yourself that your students may not know.

    I'm a big proponent of life-long learning; I earned my DNP at age 61!

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