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Ángel Arturo Pachec Paredes | Assistant Professor at TAMIU

Ángel Arturo Pachec Paredes


"We prepare our students not only for success in the profession of accounting but for success in addressing the dynamics of business in the 21st century."

Degrees Held:

M.Ed. – University, Year

Ph.D. – Florida International University, 2016

Master’s (Dual Degree) – Florida International University, 2011

Master of Accounting (Dual Degree) – Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo De México 2011

Bachelor of Public Accounting and Financial Strategy – Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo De México, 2010

Bachelor of Business Administration – Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo De México, 2009

Career Highlights:

Dr. Ángel Arturo Pacheco Paredes, Assistant Professor of Accounting in the A.R. Sanchez Jr. School of Business, is pursuing research interests in financial accounting with a focus on financial reporting quality and public policy.

His research has been published in top-tier refereed journals such as Accounting Horizons and the Journal of Information Systems. His research has been cited by other scholars in such elite journals as the Journal of International Business Studies.

Dr. Pacheco Paredes has taught at Texas A&M International University since 2016. Previously he served as an instructor in the School of Accountancy at Florida International University while completing his Ph.D. studies, and as an instructor in the college of Business at the Instituto Tecnólogico Autónomo de México while he pursued his master's degree.

In which online degree programs do you teach

MBA in Management, MBA in International Banking and Finance, MBA in International Trade and Logistics and MBA in International Business

Which classes do you teach online?

ACC 2310: Intro to Financial Accounting and BA 5202: Concepts in Accounting and Info Systems

What types of projects and work do you typically assign for these courses?

The projects that I assign are focused on 1) developing students’ communication skills, participation in student professional organizations, and networking with local professionals, and 2) mastery of software skills they will need as professionals.

What do you want students in your courses to learn? What are the learning outcomes or objectives?

Students need to learn the language of business, and to understand and apply the concepts to measure and analyze business activities.

What advice would you give to those considering this online program?

Learn to work in a group. Working with other students in your class is a great way to network and get team experience.

How can this degree help students prepare for the challenges of the field?

The A.R. Sanchez Jr. program blends the technical accounting and general business training that is essential for a successful professional career. We prepare our students not only for success in the profession of accounting but for success in addressing the dynamics of business in the 21st century.

What is the value of this degree?

The online MBA offers a fast-paced vigorous program that offers the flexibility to study when and where you want and at your own pace.

Why did you start teaching?

My teachers helped open my eyes to the value of commitment and hard work. By joining academia I am able to pay that debt forward, to touch lives and to help develop the talents of future business leaders.

What is the one book you think everyone should read?

In the past I would have said George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” but now I believe his “1984” is far more prescient.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that your students might not know.

I am a certified indoor cycling (spinning) instructor.

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