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Affordable Online Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

More than likely, you've done quite a bit of research into the advantages of pursuing an online master's degree in criminal justice from Texas A&M International University (TAMIU). You may know that it's convenient, for example. You can study in the comfort of your own home, and you have the flexibility to step away from the computer to get something to eat or take care of your children or pets.

But what you might not have factored into your decision is affordability — the cost savings associated with earning your degree online.

Substantial Cost Savings

Courses offered online are typically much more affordable than on-campus courses. These are just some of the areas where students can see significant savings.

Commuting - There are no commuting costs associated with pursuing an online master's degree in criminal justice from TAMIU. You won't have to purchase gas to get to school or put wear and tear on your vehicle. In addition, students who study online avoid paying for on-campus parking. When you study online, your only commute will be the short walk to wherever your computer is located in your home.

Room and Board - On-campus housing can be costly, easily running several thousand dollars each year. Taking classes online will eliminate this expense.

Food - All TAMIU students living in our on-campus Residential Learning Community (RLC) must enroll in a meal plan. Students living in the RLC pay nearly $3,000 per semester for this plan. Online students do not have this expense.

Tuition - Over a four-year period, students who earn their degree online can save tens of thousands of dollars on tuition costs.

Top-Notch Quality Without the Over-the-Top Costs

Pursuing a master's degree in criminal justice online from TAMIU in no way means sacrificing quality when it comes to your education. TAMIU offers a comprehensive program that provides students with in-depth knowledge in both the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems, including research on ethics, legal studies, cybercrime and much more.

Students will learn how societal trends impact a wide variety of legal systems, such as the criminal and juvenile courts, civil courts and criminal justice agencies. They will also learn different theories of crime and explore how the U.S. justice system works compared to its counterparts in Asia, Europe and other areas of the world. And students can complete this 36-hour program in as little as one year.

Examine Your Options

There are many advantages to studying online, just as there are advantages to the on-campus college experience. While earning a degree online will be less expensive than going the traditional route, every student has different needs. Take the time to research all of your options so you can make the best possible choice for your particular situation.

Learn more about the TAMIU online Master of Science in Criminal Justice program.


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